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The all-new, Canadian Made, GEO full length roof rack is designed to mount to the factory roof rack holes on a 3rd Gen (1996-2002) Toyota 4Runner/Helix Surf.


The GEO Rack sports a low profile, trail ready, all aluminum frame, with aluminum t-slot cross bars to allow you to hit the trail with all your gear.


This rack is strong and ready for your gear, roof top tents, you name it!


GEO Rack (3rd Gen 4Runner/Helix Surf)

  • 7x Aluminum T-slot crossbars

    3x Aluminum Sheet Parts

    Overall Length: 84 in (7 ft)

    Overall Width: 42.63 in (3.55 ft)

    Inside Width: 42.25 in (3.52 ft)

    Added Height 3.15 in (80 mm)

    Height from roof to top of crossbar:

              Bottom Row: 2.1 in (53.3 mm)

              Top Row (Flush): 3.15 in (80 mm